A random comment

pic : I lost my body

(It’s just a random comment I read on youtube which made so much sense, would appreciate if someone can help credit the author? )

9 months before you were born, you were just a thought, you were just a red line on a pregnancy test. Later, once your parents found out your gender, they came up with a name for you, you were then thought of as that name. Then when you were born, you had no idea where you were, what you were, or what anything was.

You grow up a bit, you go to kindergarten for the first time, you’re still confused, but it doesn’t matter, you made maybe a friend or two, they thought of you as their friend, and you thought of them as your friend.

Then passes kindergarten along with 5 years of school, you’re now in 6th grade, things are changing, you are changing, and the people around you are changing. Someone might find you attractive, maybe not. Someone starts talking to you and admires you because you share the same interest in the same show as they do. They invite you over to watch the show all night long, you don’t like the show, but you like that someone admires you.

Time goes on, people come and go, 3 years pass, you are now in 9th grade. Someone finds you attractive, they like your eyes, so they say Bi to you, and compliment your eyes, you feel flattered, and you guys talk some more. Eventually, you guys go out, you enjoyed your time out, and you guys are officially a couple.

More time passes, let’s say a year, and you guys broke up. You’ve had your first heart break, and you are a completely different person. They broke up with you because you were selfish and didn’t care about anyone else, so you got back together with them to prove them wrong. You guys get in more fights and break up again. Some years pass, relationships come and go. You have graduated high school, then college. You marry your seventh boyfriend/girlfriend. You are happy, you are thought of, for the first time, as a wife.

Years go by, and then for the first time, you are thought of as a parent to a beautiful child. More years go by, for the first time you are thought of as a boss. As you get older, you get diagnosed with a horrible disease called Cystic Fibrosis, the doctor said you have any it one year left to live. You don’t want to die, and you spend a while being sad about who you’ve become. Your significant other walks in the hospital room, little do you know the is the last conversation you will ever have. You tell them about how you’ve never felt like yourself around them. And you guys share this deep love for each other, something never to have been felt before.

Few months go by, and you are though of, for the first time, a dead person. People say what a great person you are, some people there are secretly having thought of not really liking you, and wanting the funeral to be over so they can go home. You don’t know this though, because you’re dead.

Years go by, and you are thought of as a grandparent for the first time. Your child is showing pictures of you to their child saying “that is my parent, they would be your grandparent.” 70 years go by, and the last person to have ever known you in person and have proper memories of you, is laying in their death bed, and they eventually die.

People still talk about you here and there, but eventually the last person to ever remember your name dies. All you are now is a name in an ancestry database that ancestry websites and apps use for people to find out about their past. Someone is then told to remove anyone’s name who has had no use for the past 200 years. The person told to remove it comes across you, they think to themselves, “wow, I wonder what this person’s life was like. They look genuinely happy and kind.” They then click the delete button, and delete everyone’s name who has had no use for the past 200 years. That person goes home the same night, lies in their bed, and thinks about how there will be a time where the last person to have ever remembered you, or thought about you, will die. They think about the big presentation they have to give at work in two days, and they aren’t even worried, and they close their eyes, and sleep soundly.



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